Thursday, 02 December 2010



Death some see as fearthey never want to diethey are scared what they may find beoned this life
for me i see it as a end of a lifebut the soul stays and someday returns to mother earthto seek what it wants or diservesdeath may be a bad thing but also a good if you think
it could be a end of a tragic life with a beging of a newto see the world once more is a true giftonly some may see what lies beond this earthsome may be spirt bound
some may be left to see the gates of hevanor the gates of hell
for only some get to try life againfor i hope i may
i want to start over to see my beginig and my end
i want to know how it will end i want to see it
and to have a new beging to start over
but i dont know what this world has instore for me
if i shall be bound to this earth see it again or go to hell or heaven
but no matter what it is im not afraid of what may be beond this place.

Grace DeVon miller

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